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HelioStylus Publishing & Productions, LLC

About the Publisher

Executive Editor & Chief

Gerrold Kimbrough is an experienced Information Management Researcher, IT Historian, Publisher, and founder of The Knowledge Workers Journal. He is  passionate about the use of information and technology in business, education, recreation, and entertainment.


He has over 40 years of hands-on experience in large, complex organizations in Leadership, Coaching & Training, Technical Development, Process & Project Management, Business Analysis, Master Data Governance, Data Quality, and Information Asset Management. He is a certified professional in Business Analysis, Project Management, and the Information Technology Infrastructure Library. Gerrold received his bachelor’s degree in computer information systems and Business Administration from Alabama State University.


Like so many others, he is a product of his share of triumphs and tribulations. These inform his passion for research and writing. His interest includes books, poems, lyrics, short stories, and white papers. He is the author of both Fiction and Non-Fiction works ranging from Comedy-Adventure stories to serious topics regarding the impact of Information Technology on modern societies, institutions, and families.

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